ArPoint - one of the first companies in Russia,
creating augmented and virtual reality AR/VR

We are developing mobile applications and interactive installations, allowing to communaicate with virtual objects both in real world and with help of VR glasses.

Our technologies help illustrate a sophisticated production and technological processes. To make an unforgettable presentation of any product or service. To make education more easy. To stimulate the purchase, to increase the loyalty to brand.

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Last works

Here, in ArPoint, we've created an extraordinary book about amazing animals ROOSSA. What is so unusual in this book, you 'd ask. And here's the answer: it has animated illustrations!!!
Download the mobile application with augmented reality on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality on GooglePlayDownload the app "Amazing animals ROOSSA" to your device and bring it on one of the markers,placed in the encyclopedia
For MosLift company we've created a multimedia interactive installation, showing the automatic control system for apartment house in the form of a game. The first time it was presented at the international building exhibition InterStroyExpo 2016.
Multimedia presentation for InterStroyExpo exhibitionA sophisticated interface has been designed for touch-table, functionally repeating the real system's interface.
Multi-touch table ob the exhibitionDespite the complexity of the Automatic Control System, we managed to create the interactive system's interface comfortable
and understandable even to children.
Interactive exhibition technologiesBy clicking on one of the situations, the corresponding action started on seamless screen: a fire, a flooding. Using the touch-table a visitor should had to react to system's warning and call MosLift.
Interactive houses showing the working of Automatic Control System on exhibitionOn large seamless screen, the situations, occuring with houses, were broadcasting in real time.
The information about these situations appeared on multi-touch table.
Apartment house management system shown at InterStroyExpo exhibition on seamless screenBy clicking on button "Call the emergency service" on touch-table, a little emergency car drove up to the house and than people in coveralls ran out of the car and solved any problems.
iPad application with augmented reality for SeverstalIn collaboration with group of companies AlvaSpecStroy we have developed the mobile application with augmented reality function for one of the exhibits in steel and mining museum, Cherepovets city. In the form of a game the application tells about the work of coke and agglomerate production.
For the functional of augmented and virtual reality ArPoint has developed the 3D model of sintering machine. With the help of special effects clearly shown all processes, which accompany the agglomerate production. The model is controlled by generally accepted gestures for mobile devices.
3D model and animation of coke battery, developed in ArPoint company, shows in detail the mechanism and principle of operation of one of the most important elements on factory.
Screensaver with tutorial for mobile application SeverstalIn order to help children to understand the production scheme, the screensaver with tutorial was designed. It shows the location of games and other information.
Start screen of agglomerate production applicationThe main screen of agglomerate production section. All elements of 2D scheme are animated and interactive. Some of them open entertaining games, others - information windows with illustrations.
Start screen of coke production applicationFor the section of the coke production the special 2D animated interactive scheme was developed. Among other things it's shown processes of supply of raw materials, coke processing, gas output and it's diversion.
Interface of coke production info pageThe basic information about coke production contains illustrated, video and photo materials.
There is a game in the end of text block.
Interactive mobile game choose the distance between the rollersInteractive game "Choose the the distance between the rollers" helps user to understand the importance of right choice of distance, between rollers, which grind coke breeze.
Interactive game for iPad unload the railway carriageThe game "Unload the railway carriage" - is the most difficult in all application. User should turn the railway carriage clockwise and the rotational speed should be 17 degrees per second strictly. During improper turn the assistant character, developed in ArPoint, signals about mistake. And, of caurse, praises, when everyting is correct!
Game mechanics of mobile application for Severstal museumIn the game "Choose the number of hammers" the user is tested for attentiveness. If previous material has been learned well it won't be difficult to choose the right answer. The interactive assistant character will suggest the rules of the game.

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