Augmented reality (AR)

By request of Association of city-heirs of Byzantium, we developed interactive virtual museum with augmented reality supported in three languages. In application there is an opportunity to get in touch with monuments of world significance, using augmented and virtual reality.
View virtual models in augmented reality at the exhibitionIt's easy to use the app both at home and at special exhibition. To view augmented reality at exhibition You need to point the camera of your device at the monument image. For home using - it would be enough to upload the virtual model from the server.
Virtual model on device's screenUsing intuitive gestures, control the model on screen. By clicking on the auxiliary lables, which are placed at the most important parts of monument, you can see the description of the nuances of architecture.
The MuByz app's interface on smartphoneThe interface of MuByz application and all text content are translated into three languages. All data, including models, are stored on the server, uploading the information on Your device just in time.
The MuByz app's interface on smartphoneHere, in ArPoint company, we developed the server part of application, in which administrator can edit the application's content in three languages into text editor "TinyMce". Also administrator can upload new models, place the info index on them, upload the augmented reality markers, make cross-links by app's sections, send push-notifications to user's devices and much more.
Download the mobile application with augmented reality MuByz on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality MuByz on GooglePlayDownload the application on Your device and immerse yourself into incredible world of Byzantine era
without leaving Your computer. Here You can download the markerof Sophia Cathedral and Triumphal Arch in Rome. Find other markers on exhibitions of Association.
Application for iPad with augmented reality for SeverstalIn collaboration with group of companies AlvaSpecStroy we have developed the mobile application with augmented reality function for one of the exhibits in steel and mining museum, Cherepovets city. In the form of a game the application tells about the coke and agglomerate production.
For the functional of augmented and virtual reality ArPoint has developed the 3D model of sintering machine. With the help of special effects clearly shown all processes, which accompany the agglomerate production. The model is controlled by generally accepted gestures for mobile devices.
3D model and animation of coke battery, developed in ArPoint company, shows in detail the mechanism and principle of operation of one of the most important elements on factory.
Screensaver with tutorial for mobile application SeverstalIn order to help children to understand the production scheme, the screensaver with tutorial was designed. It shows the location of games and other information.
Start screen of agglomerate production applicationThe main screen of agglomerate production section. All elements of 2D scheme are animated and interactive. Some of them open entertaining games, others - information windows with illustrations.
Start screen of coke production applicationFor the section of the coke production the special 2D animated interactive scheme was developed. Among other things it's shown processes of supply of raw materials, coke processing, gas output and it's diversion.
Interface of coke production info pageThe basic information about coke production contains illustrated, video and photo materials.
There is a game in the end of text block.
Interactive mobile game choose the distance between the rollersInteractive game "Choose the the distance between the rollers" helps user to understand the importance of right choice of distance, between rollers, which grind coke breeze.
Interactive game for iPad unload the railway carriageThe game "Unload the railway carriage" - is the most difficult in all application. User should turn the railway carriage clockwise and the rotational speed should be 17 degrees per second strictly. During improper turn the assistant character, developed in ArPoint, signals about mistake. And, of caurse, praises, when everyting is correct!
Game mechanics of mobile application for Severstal museumIn the game "Choose the number of hammers" the user is tested for attentiveness. If previous material has been learned well it won't be difficult to choose the right answer. The interactive assistant character will suggest the rules of the game.
The page of wall calendar with augmented realityWe developed the calendar with augmented reality, which became a perfect addition to X-mas gifts for VIP clients. Each page of this wall calendar contains funny 3D models and sound accompaniment.
Beer barrel on the page of calendar with augmented realityEach page has its own 3D model and script, unfolding on the screen of mobile device.
Santa Claus on December page in augmented reality modeIn December users are intertained by cheerful Santa Claus, flying from the calendar's page.
When user stands in particular place he recieves a taskAfter the players arrive at the GPS point, the application gives a riddle, connected with that place. As a prize for the correct answer, an animated model appears on the screen in AR mode.
Quest in augmented reality shows great names of history, characters, runs the gamesDepending on the quest points, scenes from the literary works, famous game characters, games and great names of history appear in augmented reality.
Quest in augmented reality unites all players in order to find the right answerQuest in augmented reality unites participants around the authorized device. Together they try to solve a riddle faster than anyone.
The eagle on Peter-Pavel's Fortress spire in augmented realityWhen You move the device to Peter-Pavel's Fortress, You can see, in AR, the legendary eagle, who pointed to Peter the Great the construction site of the cathedral.
For MegaFon New Year event we designed a multimedia presentation for the touch table. Visitors of shopping center were photographed on chromakey and then themselves processed their photos: placed X-mas backgrounds, added funny attributes and then printed photos for memory or sent them into social networks.
Augmented reality on multimedia table for MegaFonNew Year postcard made on an interactive touch table by ArPoint
Children are happy with augmented realityPostcard made with AR technologies -
is real joy for children of all ages!
Adults make their own postcards with augmented reality just as wellBoth adults and children are ready to create their own funny Xmas postcard with augmented reality by MegaFon.
Augmented Reality by ArPoint became an excellent occasion to make a group photoThe group photo with augmented reality, developed in ArPoint, is a great New Year post for social networks!
In 2014 we've developed the calendar with AR. All pages of this calendar contain a fascinating three-dimensional and audio content, accompanying calendar owner through whole month.
Balloons in augmented realityIn July users are accompanied by balloons in augmented reality.
The car in augmented realityIn January a cheerful retro-"Beetle" travels along the calendar.
The vessel on calendar in augmented realityIn March, the vessel, floating on the virtual water and blowing steam from a pipe, apppears on calendar in AR.
The airplane in augmented realityMay - the time of holidays and entertainments! The airplane in augmented reality flies around the calendar page.
For corporate party we developed interactive presentation "In the animal world" with augmented reality. Users could take a photo and play with virtual animals. Dinosaurs, mammoths and other ancient creatures walked around the hall and entertained people!
Dinosaur in augmented realityOur cute dinosaur brought a lot of fun and positive emotions to visitors! He definitely liked the young lady :)
Ancient animals in augmented realityWhen on the stand was not enough people the dinosaur was getting upset and speadding his hands.
The car in ARFor MegaFon's promo action "Accelerate the internet with 4G" we created a mobile application with augmented reality, in which You can drive the F1 racing car on MegaFon's flyer.
The faster the speed of the car, the higher the needle of internet-speedometer.
Download the mobile application with augmented reality MegaRace on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality MegaRace on GooglePlayDownload the application "Accelerate the internet with 4G" to your device and play the game in augmented reality! Have no flyer? It's not a problem, print it here
Here, in ArPoint, we've created an extraordinary book about amazing animals ROOSSA. What is so unusual in this book, you 'd ask. And here's the answer: it has animated illustrations!!!
Download the mobile application with augmented reality on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality on GooglePlayDownload the app "Amazing animals ROOSSA" to your device and bring it on one of the markers,placed in the encyclopedia
For international building exhibition InterStroyExpo we developed an augmented reality, which helped visitors to find the particular stand by pointers in AR mode.
Navigation on the exhibition with using of AR augmented realityUsing GPS location of user, the app showed the disposition of pavilions and stands on real exhibition view.
Augmented reality by GPSNavigation in augmented reality is a great replacement for printed maps, especially when several pavilions are involved.