Interactive installations

Sensor touch tableFor MegaFon promo action we developed an interactive touch table installation allowing visitors to create their own t-shirt design and print it right away at the seller's office.
multitouch table for MegaFonAt the multitouch table user can select any t-shirt design and enter any text he likes. Then, after the choice is made the t-shirt is sent to print.
interactive technologies touch tableThis promo-action brought lost of fun to all of the visitors. Plenty of photos, reposts and likes in the social media.
For MosLift company we've created a multimedia interactive installation, showing the automatic control system for multi-apartment houses in the form of a game. The first time it was presented at the international building exhibition InterStroyExpo 2016.
Multimedia presentation for InterStroyExpo exhibitionA sophisticated interface has been designed for touch-table, functionally repeating the real system's interface.
Multi-touch table ob the exhibitionDespite the complexity of the Automatic Control System, we managed to create the interactive system's interface comfortable
and understandable even to children.
Interactive exhibition technologiesBy clicking on one of the situations, the corresponding action started on seamless screen: a fire, a flooding. Using the touch-table a visitor should had to react to system's warning and call MosLift.
Interactive houses showing the working of Automatic Control System on exhibitionOn large seamless screen, the situations, occuring with houses, were broadcasting in real time.
The information about these situations appeared on multi-touch table.
Apartment house management system shown at InterStroyExpo exhibition on seamless screenBy clicking on button "Call the emergency service" on touch-table, a little emergency car drove up to the house and than people in coveralls ran out of the car and solved any problems.
For MegaFon New Year event we designed a multimedia presentation for the touch table. Visitors of shopping center were photographed on chromakey and then themselves processed their photos: placed X-mas backgrounds, added funny attributes and then printed photos for memory or sent them into social networks.
Augmented reality on multimedia table for MegaFonNew Year postcard made on an interactive touch table by ArPoint
Children are happy with augmented realityPostcard made with AR technologies -
is real joy for children of all ages!
Adults make their own postcards with augmented reality just as wellBoth adults and children are ready to create their own funny Xmas postcard with augmented reality by MegaFon.
Augmented Reality by ArPoint became an excellent occasion to make a group photoThe group photo with augmented reality, developed in ArPoint, is a great New Year post for social networks!
For corporate party we developed interactive presentation "In the animal world" with augmented reality. Users could take a photo and play with virtual animals. Dinosaurs, mammoths and other ancient creatures walked the hall and entertained people!
Dinosaur in augmented realityOur cute dinosaur brought a lot of fun and positive to visitors! He definitely liked the young lady :)
Ancient animals in augmented realityWhen on the stand was not enough people the dinosaur was getting upset and speadding his hands.