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Touch table "Multimedia card"


"The virtual card" by ArPoint - it's a lot of smiles, limitless positive, hundreds repost, dozens of photos in VK and FB. Ready-made interactive solution for promo actions, corporate parties and other events.

How it works

On the company's stand, users are photographed on a chromakey. Photo automatically falls on the interactive table. Visitors could choose by themselves a background, accessories and elements of photo decor for compilation of their own individual postcard. On all cards there are elements of company's corporate style. The result could be easily sent:
• To a printer
• To E-mail
• To a group in Vkontakte
• To a group in Facebook

How to deploy on the point

Step 1
Deploy a mini chromakey-studio on the spot, install light, invite a professional photographer, test photos.

Step 2
Mount a multi-touch table with installed soft "The virtual card". Connect a printer, social networks and camera's USB.

Step 3
Invite people! Take pictures, give gifts, print cards, enjoy popularity of social networks.

Technical requirements for software installation:

Software could be installed on multi-touch tables on the basis of OS Windows 8. The camera on the stand should take pictures only in JPG format, photos should have resolution of 1920x1080px. The camera must be able to connect to the computer via USB and be defined as an external storage device. The table must be connected to a high-speed Internet. A remote installation of software by our experts is enabled.

The cost of the complex: 2000$.

Included in cost:
• Rent of software "Multimedia card" + rework for the client 770$
• Touchscreen 540$ - 770$ (depends on the diagonal) for the period of the event
• Photographer 40$ per day
• Light, chroma key 230$ for the period of the event
• Rent of photo printer 110$ per day
• Complex service (if necessary) 230$/twenty-four hours

Interactive installation with augmented reality "In the animal world"


The world of augmented reality gives to our guests an opportunity to walk with extinct dinosaur, pat a baby mammoth or, for example, play with a deer. Scenes alternate cyclically. Different kinds of animals interactively communicate with people, pass by, give themselves to pat or take a photo. Some of them can even wave a paw at the camera or bring a ball, branch and etc. On the screen, in augmented reality, you can interact with one or several creatures. During the presentation a constant automatic photographing is implemented. Visitors can receive their photos either directly near the location of event, or find them in social networks. Additionally, the presentation site installation is equipped with camcorder, which transmits video stream of what is happening on the plasma screens, placed at the shopping mall. Thus, it is planned to attract visitors outside the presentation area.

How it works

With the help of augmented reality technologies we put the virtual object in the real world. In other words, you see yourself on a screen in the company of animals, aliens and other objects on different virtual platforms. The presentation "In the animal world" transfers the user from the Real world to the Virtual and gives an opportunity for visual communication with objects of that world.

How to deploy at the place

In order to deploy this complex at the site, you'll need:
• screen for content broadcasting
• PC or laptop with installed software
• a camcorder for capturing video
• wire kit
• connection to AC power
This and other equipment can be rented for any time. We also provide exit installation and stand service.

Technical requirements for software installation:

• full hd screen
• computer (SSD 100gb, RAM 4gb, video 1GB, a video capture card)
• computer (SSD 100gb, RAM 4gb, video 1GB, a video capture card)
• camcorder (DSLR)
If you have another equipment, we'll show how you can use it for our installation.

The cost of the complex: 2300$.

Included in cost:
• Rent of software "In the animal world" - 1230$
• Seamless screen 3х2 700$/twenty-four hours
• Rent of camcorder and computer 150$ for the period of the event
• Service of technician 230$/ working day