Developing of mobile applications

In ArPoint company we create mobile applications for the Android and iOS operating systems, which used daily by thousands of people.

We provide a full cycle of mobile application development, starting from drawing up a detailed requirements specification and page's prototypes and until the publication in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Some apps, developed in ArPoint, have a feature-rich server-side with an opportunity not only to edit text and graphical content of applications, but, also to execute a sophistical operations for the implementation of 3D objects, synchronization with other Web services and databases.

In development, if it's necessary, we employ the maximum technical capabilities of mobile devices: gyroscope, accelerometer or the camera depth. We constantly monitor the development of technologies and improve skills in the field of mobile application development.

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Work examples

Here, in ArPoint, we've created an extraordinary book about amazing animals ROOSSA. What is so unusual in this book, you 'd ask. And here's the answer: it has animated illustrations!!!
Скачать мобильное приложение с дополненной реальностью MuByz на AppStore

Скачать мобильное приложение с дополненной реальностью Xerox Calendar на GooglePlayDownload the app "Amazing animals ROOSSA" to your device and bring it on one of the markers,placed in the encyclopedia
The car in ARFor MegaFon's promo action "Accelerate the internet with 4G" we created a mobile application with augmented reality, in which You can drive the F1 racing car on MegaFon's flyer.
The faster the speed of the car, the higher the needle of internet-speedometer.
Download the mobile application with augmented reality MegaRace on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality MegaRace on GooglePlayDownload the application "Accelerate the internet with 4G" to your device and play in augmented reality! Have no flyer? It's not a problem, print it here
When user stands in particular place he recieves a taskAfter the players arrive at the GPS point, the application gives a riddle, connected with that place. As a prize for the correct answer, an animated model appears on the screen in AR mode.
Quest in augmented reality shows great names of history, characters, runs the gamesDepending on the quest points, scenes from the literary works, famous game characters, games and great names of history appear in augmented reality.
Quest in augmented reality unites all players in order to find the right answerQuest in augmented reality unites participants around the authorized device. Together they try to solve a riddle faster than anyone.
The eagle on Peter-Pavel's Fortress spire in augmented realityWhen You move the device to Peter-Pavel's Fortress, You can see, in AR, the legendary eagle, who pointed to Peter the Great the construction site of the cathedral.

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