Development of projects with augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) - innovative technology of superimposing virtual content on the reality.

In ArPoint company we develop mobile applications and projects for exhibition stands with augmented reality. With special software, installed on mobile device or computer, we combine the current real image on the screen and augmented virtual content.

Our technologies allow you to run augmented reality both with "marker" (a special picture, printed on any carrier) or without it, with help of GPS coordinates or by camcorder signal.

Any carrier may serve as a "marker": packaging, advertising module, catalog cover, photo, QR-code and even 3D objects. Objects in augmented reality, are three-dimensional, also including animation; videos; photos; audio tracks; full-scale games; information signs and other visual content, limited only by our imagination.

Today, augmented reality - is the most effective marketing tool, always causing "WoW"- effect and genuinely surprising users.

Innovative technology AR - is an indispensable tool in the presentation of complex projects and designs. Best intermediary between the consumer and the product. The perfect way to attract and keep the user's attention for a long period of time.

Our technologies impress!

7 benefits of using AR

1. Provides user interaction with the object intuitively.
2. Allows to provide the information here and now. It doesn't require special skills and knowledges for using.
3. It shows things you cannot show the usual ways.
4. Easily allows to change the color and texture of the object through the application interface.
5. Allows to apply virtual objects to the real evironment without leaving home.
6. Image-mark can be of any format and can be printed in any edition.
7. AR application and an image-mark can be sent by e-mail or displaced on web site.

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Work examples

By request of Byzantine city-heirs Association, here, in ArPoint company, we developed interactive virtual museum with augmented reality in three languages. In application provided an opportunity to get in touch with monuments of world significance, using augmented and virtual reality.
View virtual models in augmented reality at the exhibitionIt's easy to use the app both at home and at special exhibition. To view augmented reality at exhibition You need to point the camera on Your device at the monument image. For home using - it would be enough to upload the virtual model from the server.
Virtual model on device's screenUsing intuitive gestures, control the model on screen. By clicking on the info icon, which are placed in the most important parts of monument, opens the text description of the nuances of architecture.
The MuByz app's interface on smartphoneThe interface of MuByz application and all text content are translated into three languages. All data, including models, are stored on the server, uploading the information on Your device just in time.
The MuByz app's interface on smartphoneHere, in ArPoint company, we developed the server part of application, in which administrator can edit the application's content in three languages into text editor "TinyMce". Also administrator can upload new models, place the info index on them, upload the aug reality markers, make cross-links by app's sections, send push-notifications to user's devices and much more.
Download the mobile application with augmented reality MuByz on AppStore

Download the mobile application with augmented reality MuByz on GooglePlayDownload the application on Your device and immerse yourself into incredible world of Byzantine era
without leaving Your computer. Here You can download the markerof Sophia Cathedral and Triumphal Archin Rome. Find other markers on exhibitions of Association.
Application for iPad with augmented reality for SeverstalIn collaboration with group of companies AlvaSpecStroy we have developed the mobile application with augmented reality function for one of the exhibits in steel and mining museum, Cherepovec city. In the form of a game the application tells about the work of coke and agglomerate production.
For the functional of augmented and virtual reality ArPoint has developed the 3D model of sintering machine. With the help of special effects clearly shown all processes, which accompany the agglomerate production. The model is controlled by generally accepted gestures for mobile devices.
3D model and animation of coke battery, developed in ArPoint company, shows in detail the mechanism and principle of operation of one of the most important elements on factory.
Screensaver with tutorial for mobile application SeverstalIn order to help children to understand the production scheme, the screensaver with tutorial was designed. It shows the location of games and other information.
Start screen of agglomerate production applicationThe main screen of agglomerate production section. All elements of 2D scheme are animated and interactive. Some of them open entertaining games, others - information windows with illustrations.
Start screen of coke production applicationFor the section of the coke production the special 2D animated interactive scheme was developed. Among other things it's shown processes of supply of raw materials, coke processing, gas output and it's diversion.
Interface of coke production info pageThe basic information about coke production contains illustrated, video and photo materials.
There is a game in the end of text block.
Interactive mobile game choose the distance between the rollersInteractive game "Choose the the distance between the rollers" helps user to understand the importance of right choice of distance, between rollers, which grind coke breeze.
Interactive game for iPad unload the railway carriageThe game "Unload the railway carriage" - is the most difficult in all application. User should turn the railway carriage clockwise and the rotational speed should be 17 degrees per second strictly. During improper turn the assistant character, developed in ArPoint, signals about mistake. And, of caurse, praises, when everyting is correct!
Game mechanics of mobile application for Severstal museumIn the game "Choose the number of hammers" the user is tested for attentiveness. If previous material has been learned well it won't be difficult to choose the right answer. The interactive assistant character will suggest the rules of the game.
The page of wall calendar with augmented realityWe developed the calendar with augmented reality for Xerox company, which became a perfect addition to X-mas gifts for VIP clients. Each page of this wall calendar contains funny 3D models and sound accompaniment.
Beer barrel on the page of calendar with augmented realityEach page has its own 3D model and script, unfolding on the screen of mobile device.
Santa Claus on December page in augmented reality modeIn December users are intertained by cheerful Santa Claus, flying from the calendar's page.

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