Virtual reality development

Virtual reality (VR) - today it is the most demanded innovative software.

To view the virtual reality, different types of helmets are created massively, such as the Oculus Rift, VR Box, Sony Playstation VR, Fibrum. Also, so-called Cardboards, by different manufacturers, are becoming widely spread. They allow to view virtual reality using a smartphone.

Interest in virtual reality is increasing not only among gamers, but also at serious organizations, including the military sphere. This happens due to the fact that virtual reality - it is the best way to represent visual information and interact with it. Simulators and fitness equipment, a panoramic view and an interactive virtual tours, including 360 video - this is an incomplete list of what you can create for the VR environment.

Since the virtual reality is based entirely on three-dimensional graphics - it's possible to visualize absolutely everything, the only limitation is our imagination. Our professional specialists will help to create absolutely any model, up to whole worlds, including fantasy.

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